Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Gear Lust #3

Thank you littleboy for the diversions.... but lets get back to some lustful gear.

We showed you a mic, and a way to get the sound into a computer, but neither of those matter if you aren't TRULY hearing what your doing. So, lets take a look at monitors. since we are budget minded in the beginning of this series we wont go high end, but we will go for serious quality.

Ideally, you want 3 sets of speakers, some large full range speakers, some mid/nearfields, and a tiny little reference speaker that sounds like crap so you can see if the mix translates to the sort of crap that far too many people are going to listen to your work on. I am assuming that you have a set of computer speakers that came with your system, we wont worry about the reference speakers for your project studio. Also since this is a project studio, we are not going to worry about the big full range set either. what your going to need is a good set of mid/nearfields that you can trust. What does that mean? Well, it means that the monitors will not hype any portion of the sound spectrum. They will be sonically sterile... completely true to what you are doing to manipulate the sound. Also, since we are talking about a project studio where space is critical we are looking at self amplified/active monitors.

All that criteria laid out, bang for buck... you cannot beat these...

Event TR8 Tuned Reference Biamplified Studio Monitors ($499/pair)

While I realize that the $500 price tag may seem like a million bucks for some, trust me, these are well worth it and in the monitor world, that is actually dirt cheap. They come with magnetically shielded 8 in. polypropylene cone rubber surround low frequency drivers and magnetically shielded 25mm ferrofluid-cooled silk domes for the top end. Power is provided by a biamplified system that ensures that both drivers get all the juice they need. frequency response is incredibly flat from 35hz all the way up to 20khz.

I have worked with these in several different studios, and while the speakers they replaced in the event lineup(20/20bas) lacked a little in the midrange, these are smooth from bottom to top. Compared to higher end monitors, they have a pretty small "sweet spot"(the point of best imaging response) and don't have much in what you'll hear all the boys in the club refer to as "air"(ultra high end detail ) ... they are phenomenal for the price.

You WILL hear your mix, all the warts... it will not sound pretty unless it is right. That is what you want.... isn't it?

These get our first 5 out of 5 stars.


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